The stripping process

How does it work?

Alistrip Systems stripping process for aluminium involves immersion in our patented stripping solution “Neutrastrip” to remove the paint/powder. A chemical reaction occurs on the primary binder in the coating, and as such follows the general rule of all chemical reactions. Stripping is always followed by water- blasting to remove all traces of the metal’s coating and of the stripping solution. Important factors in this process are temperature and the quantity of the coating to be removed. 
Neutrastrip is designed to function at room temperature (15 – 18°C). If the bath temperature drops below this level there will be a slower reaction rate and hence a longer stripping time. 

What's required to set up?

The franchise is a complete package with all equipment and raw materials required, supplied together with a comprehensive manual and hands on training period.  

There is a legal agreement signed by both parties, ensuring ongoing supply of product and technical assistance if and when required.  
Perhaps you have a redundant pre-treatment line, that potentially could be converted into an Alistrip Systems stripping plant.